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I am the one who is true,
I am the one who tells the truth,
I am the one who sees what exists,
I am the one who doesn't tell falsehoods.

Endless love is necessary to be born as an enlightened being in the world. Tathagata has come to the world to reveal the truth and he has been spending his life in vain on doing the mission endlessly.

He was born at a remote place in deep mountains, Anu Cave, Yang Bo Myeun, Hadong-Gun, Kyung-Nam, South Korea on April 6, 1942. His family was very much isolated and the nearest neighbors lived beyond the distance of about tens of miles. All the seven family had to share a very small single room with each other. Therefore, a new baby could not be welcomed to the poor family, who did not have any farming land. The baby Tathagata had to be fed on the soup made of herb-roots and tree-barks from the very first day of his birth on. His father was ill and bedridden and his young brothers and sisters had to wander around the mountains to look for food. Under such circumstances, he was a big burden to the family, especially because he had cried out abnormally loudly and frequently since he was born. His father would even throw him away against the ground many times and he would also be left at a remote place alone at night where wild animals were roaming around.

When he was only one year old his father passed away along with two of his brothers. Since then baby Tathagata had to stay alone all day long. When the exhausted family returned home from the long trek and work of the day they just ignored him and had not shown any affection to him. However, the life when he was still able to stay with family even though he felt lonely, did not last long before his mother also passed away. It was the year when he was only nine years old. Since then nobody had looked after him so he had to leave hometown for the city to meet relatives by bus where he had never been before. But his relatives were not rich enough to look after him as well. Therefore, the young Tathagata had to have fended off for himself by doing physical work. This kind of labor had kept searing him all night long as he was still too young for the work. When he couldn't find even such work he had to go out to the streets searching for any work. With the state of being malnourished and overworked young Tathagata had managed to survive until his late teens.

Finally he could be free from the terrible conditions when he was seventeen years old because the Korean government allowed him to join the army as a teenage soldier. For the time being, he could keep himself away from ordeal. During the period of the army, he had become a confident man and the confidence let everyone around him have a good impression on him. The life in the army was like a dream in comparison with his previous hard life. However, he could not see himself staying permanently in the army so he decided to come back to civilian life at the age of twenty three. After be discharged from military service he had born a dream in his heart to become a spokesman for the public. At the age of twenty five, he had entered the political world. He had given magnificent statements of his political views and had also pointed out and criticized what was wrong with the social situations those days. By doing this he could attract great attention from people and as a result he had to keep himself under the surveillance by those in power.

When he was thirty three years old he got married and after his son and daughter were born he started business from the scratch to look after his family who were dependent on him. Within three years he had proved his ability the best in his business area. His destiny, however, did not let him find a place where he could settle down. When he saw people around himself he had to be cautious and tactful to authority because those days the situations made nobody able to stand up to authority and speak out their minds in public. It was then that he had to give up his dream.

From that moment on, he had spent six years on drinking alcohol and worrying about the future of his country.

In 1983 he wrote his autobiography, and one year later on November 10, 1984 he left home and saw himself staying on a remote small island, island of Yeonhwa (Lotus in English), off the south coast of South Korea. When he came up with something in his mind he asked himself about it. At that moment he realized that the way to know his secret was going back to the world before he was born. After then he knew that he had attained the supreme enlightenment nobody could for a long time. The enlightenment was attained at a moment in him and had already been completed several thousand years ago for himself.

His mission

 The first one is fulfillment of the hope of the human world. The second one is revelation of the way which is necessary to transfer from the present mankind to the next.

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