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Main subjects of lectures

    The secret of the world of phenomena
    The conclusion of mankind
    The new world through the changing period
    The answer on Creation and Evolution
    The things which happened inside oneself and the things
           which cause oneself to exist
    The world after death which is seen from the things in life
    The falsehoods which spoil the human world
    People who want happiness; Learn these things
    What is Truth?
    The requirements for becoming an enlightened being
    The way to eternal life 

Life ;
Knowing life is the way to understand the world. If you recognize life correctly you can understand the world correctly. Knowing the world is the same as obtaining the world. In the same way, knowing life is the way to gain oneself.

Once we live without hunger, without loneliness and with bright mind; those kinds of minds exist, that is happiness. In order to live without hunger, loneliness and darkness, we ourselves should make those conditions.

 Destiny ;
By accepting, without realizing it, thousands, tens of thousands, of things which have happened to you and which you have done, you make karma. This karma makes the destiny which controls you.

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