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Society of Natural Science was founded by Mr. Samhan Lee in 1986, who is the present president. The purpose of its foundation is to conduct research on problems of mankind and the solutions of problems in society.
As a non-profit organization, it has been taking actions in Korea, U.K. and India to provide a wide range of information for people all over the world.
In the field of philosophy and life science, we have the best fundamentals of intellect in the world and a great deal of information that no individual or organization has had so far as well.
Our knowledge and information have been developed by ourselves, which help people recognize problems easily, and there is no comparison with any other present information in an aspect of practical value.
Our top priority is the provision of the solutions to questions through the operation of programs such as teaching, diagnoses of problems, supply of countermeasures, etc.
The society has never been offered any help from outside since its establishment with minimum members. In spite of its long-term activities it has not been known very well to anywhere yet.

These are the special features of the society.

Chapter I
The world exists in this way

The world takes actions with what exists in it and makes what happens exist in it through activities. Everything acts in accordance with this principle and if something once comes into being in the world they make what has happened to them exist perpetually through activities.
Here is a practical example. A seed sprouts into seedlings and the seedlings grow to make leaves and bear fruits. The fruits become seeds to germinate again. This sort of activity is to continue as long as the self, such as a seed or a fruit exists and what has happened to it never becomes extinct of its own accord.
The reason why various and distinctive forms or structures of species exist is that every mother-body of creation has a unique thing during the process of their birth. If things once are decided they repeat themselves as long as their problems do not change.
 A bean produces a bean and a red bean produces a red bean. It is because what is in a bean can only function to produce a bean and so can what is in a red bean.
The world lets all the creatures be born under this principle and the creation lets things of the world exist through their own activities.

Chapter II
The secret of life

People do not realize how they were born, how things inside them come into being and how the things influence them. This is because they cannot see what exists in the origin of mother-body.
 Life means a living creature and as regards a human being, life is the state that a body and a consciousness are combined, i.e. a consciousness stays inside a body. They become separated when the activity of life finishes. The body follows natural decomposition process and the consciousness meets a new one according to the decision of what exists in it.
Some phenomena are: If someone reaches Emancipation through the activity of life they free themselves from all the restraints and will see themselves stay in the highest dimension. Moreover, they decide for themselves whether they will be born or not.
When a consciousness obtains power from the activity of life it will be able to stop the activity of karma which has come from the mother-body. They can stay in the calm world for a certain period of time. In addition, when they return to the world they will succeed in the world and gain fame in a wide range of fields.
The souls of people which have been very ignorant, have had strong desires, have lived with themselves lost, has had deep attachments or grudges continue the activity of consciousness even after they complete their activity of life. Because of this, they still stay in human world.

The souls which keep acting for a long time in this manner will lose the origins that have come from the mother-body. Therefore, they will spend their next lives in the lower world.

Chapter III
Why does the end have to be in the world?

It has been said since old times that there will be the end of the world in this era.
However, nobody has ever told in detail what the word, eschatology means or what eschatology itself is.
Why does the end of the world have to be and through what phenomena will it happen?
The end does not mean the end of the world’s activity but the end of the role of one world and such a thing had happened in the past and will happen in the future world, too.
The phenomena of the end are earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, the crust’s change, tsunami (tidal wave), etc. It will continue for a certain period of time, i.e. twenty to thirty years.
In this process the civilization as well as all sorts of creatures will vanish. Through this event, the world gives new birth to the world itself and makes it possible for what exists in the mother-body to be permanent.
The way to overcome the end is taking advantage of scientific technology or making a soul take the way through the activity of life to stay away from the range of the activity of the changing period.

Chapter IV

Ui-tong is a skill that cures diseases by using the ability of consciousness. When someone uses this skill they can treat most of diseases within a short period of time.
The method is to make use of telepathy, spiritual power, the way to magnify immunity in the body of a patient, etc.
The merit of this skill is the point where there is no danger of wrong diagnoses or medical accidents and one of its special features is the ability to complete recovery within quite a short period of time.
Someone with this skill can perceive the condition of a person at an extremely long distance and, moreover, can even treat diseases in some cases.
By using the spiritual power they can pierce through blockages in the body, which is not possible by medical operations and have the ability to regenerate necessary tissue.
For the patients who have no effective medicines they use the method of strengthening immunity in a moment in the bodies of the patients. Then, the patients make a full recovery within a short time.
At the present time, acquirement of this skill depends on the function of one’s consciousness and high degree of training will be needed for special people.

Chapter V
What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment means opening your eyes to the world. Although you can see what exists without enlightenment you cannot realize how it has come into being.
In order to solve this, many people have been looking for the way to enlightenment. However, nobody has revealed the way up till now. Then, let’s try to understand why the enlightened being has not been able to be made in human world.
In order to obtain enlightenment you need to finish some procedures or steps. The basic requirements for taking the steps are the ability to recognize what is and the outstanding conscience and courage followed by endless love. Unless you meet these conditions you cannot be emancipated from worldly existence and in addition, you have to stop the efforts for the way to enlightenment.
Then, what does the word, emancipation mean? It means the phenomenon which appears after the power, which sticks to the essence of consciousness and exerts influences on your acts, is completely removed. It is said that this power is called karma. You can attain the complete enlightenment only when your karma becomes extinct. Although you see a thing you are not able to know how it comes into being. It is because your vision is obstructed by the activity of karma. Therefore, if karma is not freed yourself from no enlightenment can be admitted as the perfect enlightenment.


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