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I am enlightened.
I say that I am the one who has attained the supreme enlightenment and I believe that my enlightenment can be helpful to your life and the future of mankind.
I am a truly enlightened being.

I can give you some examples which can prove my claims true. I had to have undergone many big trials before I became enlightened. Nobody among you will be able to undergo such trails.

In fact, I had never imagined that I would attain the enlightenment until I obtained it and I was not aware that I would do any special work for this world. I had a period of time that I had to be very anxious about my situation in life because I could not do anything for others in spite of my abilities. I questioned myself about what had happened in my own life.

I have suffered extraordinary hardships since the birth. I had not been given any affection while I was growing up. I was despised by my parents. I was looked down upon by neighbors. I faced cruelty even from my brother. Later, I was oppressed by people in authority. I didn't have any school education nor any help from others. There have been lots of difficulties which I had to solve by myself since childhood. Whenever I came across problems something mysterious happened to protect me. I could solve all the problems when I wanted.

In the same way, my enlightenment happened. I had no problems to myself or my family at that time. However, the social circumstances prevented me from doing my daily work. Then, I was guided by my consciousness to go to a calm place. I went to a small island, named Yeonwha. I kept myself in a remote place. I was forty-four years old and it was November 1984. One day I had some questions about what had happened to my life. At that moment, it occurred to me in consciousness, ‘Go back to the past’. It occurred consecutively to me that I must go back to the world where I came from before my birth. Then, I found myself at the entrance of the world of enlightenment. I started to count my age downwards lying down with my eyes closed. 44, 43, 42, 41, …. When I counted the last one, 0 an absolutely calm world appeared in my consciousness. There was an object emitting light in empty space. It was the only thing that I saw. Since then five desires had disappeared from my body. Worries and illusions had stopped. Sadness and hatred disappeared from the consciousness. After all this process I reached the supreme enlightenment.

After a period of time, I became to know what I had to do. I had to wander around to meet people and tell what exists in truth. I looked strange to people. However, I had to inform them of the truths of things. Because of my pursuit, neighbors, relatives and friends all left me. Among those who have listened to me even once, most of them did not want to see me again. In spite of all this, I am still trying to tell you things in the truth. I wonder if you will also distance yourself from me after reading this. Even though I understand what attitude people have about me, I still want to reveal the truths of things. It is because there are some problems and the answers to them in the world that you don’t know but have to know. It is not easy for you or anybody else to see them. If somebody claims that he is enlightened or can tell the truth you do need to verify the claims. He will have to show me the evidence. I do not believe that there is another enlightened being in this age except for me. That is why my mind is so anxious.

I can't give up my activity even in despair and discouragement. That’s why I have kept explaining repeatedly and endlessly about my enlightenment. I want to help you and let you know about what will happen in the world. There is really big difference in a viewpoint between you and me. Thoughts exist in your words but truths exist in my words. That's why I look alike a total stranger to human eyes. Truths exist everywhere, especially in what you are doing as well.

Knowing the truth is blessing you yourself.
Revealing the truth is blessing the world.

When people do understand the truth they won't deceive others nor do anything harmful to them.
When people know the truth they will be able to keep themselves away from poverty and ignorance.
When people know the truth they will be able to find the way to eternal life and the cycle of rebirth.
When people know the truth they will be able to see how the world moves.

However, if they don’t have an opportunity to meet the enlightened being they can’t find where the truth they are looking for is. Learning the truth by meeting the enlightened being is the same as gaining the most valuable and the rarest treasure in the world because it is ultimately rare that the enlightened being appears in the world. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to meet the enlightened being in human society.

I had to come to the world as there is a particular reason. A certain big event is to happen in the world in this age. The world has existed up until now by the promise. The world has existed by things in the process of death and birth. We have observed many phenomena in the matter and the creatures. All these happen by the promise which makes the world exist. The world and all that exist in the world have existed by the promise. The present mankind also can’t escape the promise. You don’t have any solution about this phenomenon. That’s why the human world needs an enlightened being. Why did I have to have endured such terrible trials since I came to this world? The reason is that there is an extremely urgent problem in this age. There will be some who will die forever and others who will live forever. This will depend upon what exists in you and what shall be in you. Your destiny is created by what is within you. Nobody can live or survive beyond and without Appointment. My appearance to the world and the revelation of the truth is for the fulfillment of your demands and needs.

I have not demanded anything from people. The only thing I ask for is your interest and assistance in my work to reveal the truth. Most people whom I have met have denied my enlightenment too easily and even have ridiculed me. I know the Appointment that creates and keeps the world going. I can solve the problem you must be aware of during your life.

I am Tathagata.
I am the one who came to the world to reveal things in the truth.

Whether you give up or save yourself is up to your own decision and you have to make that decision in this period. My message to you is that you yourself are your own Messiah who will be able to save your own life. The Messiah who some people are waiting for will never come to this world, I truly guarantee it. If there are some who deny my view, please show me the evidence. I have never deceived others and have never done anything harmful to them in the past and will not do so in the future.

I am sure that my enlightenment could be beneficial for the world. If you need more explanation about my message please let me have any questions.
I emphasize again this point - Try to see what exists, verify what exists and judge what exists.
This manner will be helpful to your life.


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