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Introduction to Enlightenment

The appearance of an Enlightened Being

An enlightened being appeared on island of Yeon-Hwa in the southern sea of Korea in November, 1984. Since then, he has been calling himself a Tathagata and explaining what the enlightened being could do and why this era needs the enlightened being. But nobody has thought highly of what he said. So he is traveling all around the world, trying to reveal the way of mankind in the world.


What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is opening eyes to what exists. From the moment when you attain the supreme enlightenment, you will be able to see what exists inside the principle that makes the things of the world exist. You will also recognize through what matter what exists comes into being and say it.

Requirements for an Enlightened Being

In order to attain enlightenment, the exact way to the enlightenment must be known. Firstly, the activities of the karma which try to conquer you must be stopped. Secondly, you must be able to see what exists. Thirdly, there must be conscience and courage. Fourthly, the karma in you must become extinct through endless love.

The period of the advent of an Enlightened Being

As mentioned above, the one who has attained the supreme enlightenment (the state of emancipation), calls himself a Tathagata. A Tathagata comes along only once with the period of about 3000 years. The aim of enlightened being's appearance is to reveal the way in the world for human beings.

Phenomena after being Enlightened

It is worthwhile to have interest in what phenomena happen to you if enlightenment is attained. This is because enlightenment can take the essence of consciousness to the greatest level. If enlightenment is attained, anguish and illusion will disappear, the five desires will become distant, and the matters which make things in the world exist will be perceived.

The teaching of an Enlightened Being

An enlightened being says what exists. If you accept what he says as important, like when you learn mathematics, you will realize the fact that things in the world make their results through the single principle. Even if the teaching of the enlightened being is very easily explained, people who don't open their eyes to the truth of the world always have tremendous difficulties in accepting the teaching and practicing it.

The ability of an Enlightened Being

The ability of the perfectly enlightened being cannot be easily explained with any kinds of comparisons. This is because the range that the enlightened being can see cannot be defined with a certain limit. For example, the enlightened being sees much more things in a single principle than tens of millions of scientists who have appeared up until now, have found or revealed.

The value of Enlightenment

The value of enlightenment cannot be compared with any other things. If enlightenment is attained, you will become the best existence in the world. If you are once enlightened, it makes you exist permanently and when you are born again in the future, your outstanding essence will make you a Tathagata or a Great King with great power.

Things which people who want to be Enlightened must be careful of

Those who want enlightenment must first know how the one who has already been enlightened could attain the enlightenment. If you are fortunate enough to meet an enlightened being, it will make the best circumstances. But if not, you must not take any actions carelessly until you find the exact way to the enlightenment. If you meet those who aren't enlightened and follow their teaching, it may make yourself fall into serious dangers.

The life of an Enlightened Being

If enlightenment is attained his life will become much harder. Firstly, he will become distant from people around him. Secondly, it will become difficult to reveal anywhere the things which he easily sees. It is because most people are being controlled by the karma inside themselves and so they are unwilling to stay near an enlightened being. Despite this reality, an enlightened being continues endlessly to do the work that he awakens the human world.

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