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§Ch.6 A grain of seed



This is the first name

That I gave for the world.

After having given this name,

I told her all my secrets.





A flower

That blooms in a lonely heart.

Does morning dawn

In mind used to be wetted with dew?

 You try to bloom yourself

To a ray of light for a bright world,

So I want to fill you with all my wisdom.

I thought a red rose,

I pictured a white lily,

But I wanted to bloom

A small lotus blossom.



When you bloomed lonely

For the world,

And when you were

In an agony for the world,

I wanted to call a flower Soyeon

That bloomed

Against such a big suffering.




Meaning of heaven and earth blooms

In human's mind,

The beautiful light

Is fearful and sorrowful indeed.

I saw what happened for thousands of years,

And I was proud of myself,

So I talked to others,

But the wall of mind is high and high.





Write a piece of poetry


Walking the road of suffering.

A man who knows my poem

Opens his eye of soul.

Way is in the world,

Virtue is at the man,

Meeting and separating!

Is there teaching of you?

It is profound.

There is the way of heaven and earth

in the human's mind.




There were three gods mountains in the country of east sea,

Grudge bloomed as a result of five thousand years.

A solitary mind bloomed at that place,

And it let me know the way to the new world.

Copyright(c) 1999 by Society of Natural Science