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§Ch.5 Traveler 


Heaven made me burdened.

Nobody could bear that burden instead of me.

So I had to wander about the world again.




 I am a traveler,

Who burdens,

Who bears

A brilliantly shining treasure pack.


 I am a traveler,

Who burdens,

Who bears a treasure pack

Visiting from long long way.


 I am a traveler,

Who burdens,

Who bears a treasure pack

Going and looking for a lonely lover.


I am a traveler,

Who burdens,

who looks for a host

Visiting the world.




When I cross my mind,

There is a world.

When I cross the world,

There is heaven and earth.

Who is there

In such a broad heaven and earth.

Only emptiness and empty things are

Mind that there is not mind.




Pure mind is like a mirror,

Five desires leave the body.

The world is like a picture in the dream, however,

There is no friend  at heaven nor on the ground.




The time of a day is too dreadful;

The tiel of a year is frail.

For whom, I know

Such an agonized life.

I put anxious things under my eyes,

Also today I feel uneasy having no place to go.




There is fairness and justice

In my mind,

And courage

That has loved the world.

And I have no place

To say them,

So I am strolling

In the lonely mind alone everday. 


I was not Nietzsche,

I was not Jesus,

And I was not Socrates.

When my body wanted to desert suffering,

Only my cherishing mind

Knew the meaning of heaven,

And made me live a lonely time.




Having burned and burned the heart,

The world made me see mind.

All the meanings of heaven and earth are reflecting

In the place that there is no anguish and fantasy.




 Coming and going road of the world,

The place where burdens and unburdens.

Also the long long way of destiny

lies in me.

Stupidity becomes a burden,

The bright mind becomes a meaning,

So the life of man is like a dream of summer night.

Copyright(c) 1999 by Society of Natural Science