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Life is a period of time that we experience from birth to death.

The way of life begins with the problem of how to live and a life is formed by living.

There is no one who teaches about life and who wants to learn about life.

Living without understanding life is living with self-abandoned.

Life is precious to anyone. However, there are few people who are interested in life.

During the period of human life, there is nothing more important than knowing life.

According to some people, itís not easy to understand life.

Knowing things of the world is obtaining the world and knowing life is acquiring the self.

Ignoring life is exactly the same as giving up your whole future.

Your life lies in the process of your life.

What on earth does living do? Living makes all kinds of things in you. Living is the way to make you permanent.

Living with enlightenment not understood means giving up your future and the efforts which can keep away from karma that makes you unhappy.

People have different characters and these determine the levels of ability in understanding. Character becomes the origin of destiny.

All people want to live within their own limits.

Even though you were born with a destiny, you can change it as much as you want.

Destiny is the phenomenon where what has been in you comes out.

What has happened to you conquers your life.

Destiny is made by the law of cause and effect and destiny continues in yourself.

We have to know what we have to do and what we ought not to do.

It is really helpful to live in order to free yourself from foolishness.

Learning what exists and enlightening yourself is for brightening our life and for being happy.

The requirements of happiness are diligence, frugality, and honesty.

A happy life is a life with no hunger, worry, and solitude.

Once you make mistakes itís not just the end any more. It is another beginning.

A body grows through the energy from food. The consciousness grows by what has happened to you, however.

You make your spiritual growth as what happens to you accumulates inside you.

You should not expect to see good fruit from trees that havenít been well nourished since such a case is quite rare.

The reason why you should live must be inside you.

What exists in you always has effects on your actions.

You must not forget the fact that what you did becomes the cause of all the results that you will obtain.

Desire and attachment are the causes of dark minds. Conscience and justice are the things which brighten our minds.

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